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Hatoful Boyfriend except with aviansie 

I am taking this moment to educate you all 

Hatoful Boyfriend except with aviansie 


Drill Instructor Char instead of giving pushups she makes them do squats

Asparagus’s “That is a lot of 9s” Art Giveaway!

Things you can win: 

  • A drawing of your PC/ a NPC in the style above 

How many of these things there will be available to win: 

  • 5
  • Yes I did consider doing 9 
  • I decided I don’t have the patience for that 

Things you must do to win a thing: 

  • Reblog or like this post beforeAugust 16th 
  • Be willing to send me reference screenshots if you chose to get a drawing of your PC 
  • Be at least semi-active on tumblr. I don’t want a repeat of last time 
  • You might want to play runescape since that’s what this is a blog about 

Things you do not need to do:

  • Follow me (though it’s nice if you do) 

Thanks for following me/putting up with my silliness, guys! Good luck! 

Okay so this is very weird... Yesterday someone in my clan suddenly received 10m from treasure hunter while he did not win a jackpot at all. I mean, he did win good money, but not 10m. Could it be that treasure hunter is mixing up people? Giving out money to the wrong accounts?

I don’t know. I know if TH when I won I won 100k and that’s what I received, but I checked my adventure log and it said I won more so ?????

I dunno man 

I dunno 



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auspah replied to your post: I have gone past the point of simply a…

I wish I wasn’t on mobile so I could do the degdeg face

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

I have gone past the point of simply accepting verd/kharshai and am now fully on board 

I’ll see you all in hell